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AWS Solution Architect Pro Exam By February 25,2019

Planning to take AWS solution Architect Pro By February 25,2019. Acloud guru has two courses which ones should I take to pass the exam?

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Hi Eze,

From what I’ve seen, AWS will be retiring the old exam on Feb 3…that might have been extended and you can check where you register to take the test.   You can take either course to prepare for the legacy exam.  The 2019 version includes more items and follows the updated blueprint released in Oct 2018, but it started life as an update for the old course and we didn’t remove anything.



Thanks a lot I am starting the your course today . I will keep you update

Abdel H

Hi Scott, Does it mean if I buy one of the CSA PRO courses, would the other be included I means yours and Ryan’s?

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