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AWS Simple AD

To access our stack remotely hosted in Private subnets I have configured the Client VPN endpoint with Simple AD validation and able to connect via OpenVPN. But connection still works even though I stopped the Windows instance used to join the directory. Does it cache the connection string somewhere? Could someone assist me with this?

I have performed the following steps to configure the Client VPN endpoint setup,

1. Created the Simple AD

2. Created Windows VM and enabled AD Computers and Users

3. Added the user XYZ

4. Generated the cert file for mutual authentication

5. Created the VPN with AD validation

6. Downloaded the Client configuration and added necessary cert & Key

7. Established the connection

1 Answers

I don’t have direct experience with this scenario, but I do know that Simple AD is it’s own AD and does not rely on any Windows VM.  If you’re using the VPC Client VPN against the Simple AD, I would expect that to work independent of any Windows VM.

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