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AWS SAA Pro Beta course (Author Scott) or AWS SAA Pro (Author Ryan)

i have purchased AWS SA Pro beta version (author Scott), i have gone through few sessions but the sessions covers only about theory and there is no practical sessions. can some one tell me how is the other AWS SA Pro course(Author Ryan), does that cover practical sessions as well? I have taken AWS SAA associate course from Ryan that covers both theory and practical.  can someone clarify the AWSS SAA Pro beta version will cover the content required for the Pro exam.


Just started this course also. I think this course is designed to be more problem solving than step by step tutorial format. If you are looking for more step by step then the Ryan’s course has it.

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Hi Rajeshkannan,

I do have 3 labs in the course now with more coming later so that might provide some tutorial material for you.  But the labs are not your typical "paint by numbers" labs…they challenge you to solve the problem on your own as much as possible.  That style might not be popular with everyone, but they mimic what Pros are expected to do in the real-world as best I can.

Also, for those who recently purchased the old CSAP course (Ryan’s), we are giving those people access to the new course as well.  I’m sure we could do the reverse and give you access to the old CSAP course too.  That way, you can go through both courses if you’d like.  To do this, you can contact Support.


Rajeshkannan N

Thanks Scott for clarifying my query. it helps me.

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