AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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AWS SA Pro – Failed

I sat the SA Pro exam yesterday and failed. While disappointed that I failed, knowing I’m not a million miles away from passing is good enough. I scored 715. I do think they could improve the wording of some of the questions. I had a number of questions around application deployment where was unsure if they actually meant the deployment of the relevant AWS Services + Code, AWS Services or just the Code. 

I had a good few questions on Lambda deployments, debugging Lambda, using SAM for deployments, API Gateway and the CodeDeployment tools. There was a question on Mechanical Turk where SWF and Step Functions were answers. There was also a number of questions on Direct Connect and VPN.

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Hello Brian. Can you remember what you chose for debugging Lambda?
I am still puzzled with that. 
P/s: I failed with the exact same score 😛

Brian Madden

I don’t remember but I have reading the Lambda Developer Guide this morning to see if I can find an answer.

Hi Brian,

Sorry to hear that but you have immense courage for posting your results.   Smart people fail certification exams every day.  Now, you’re even smarter and will certainly get it next time.



Hello Scott. For debugging lambda functions are cloudwatch logs the way to go? I know xray tracing can help you group by error codes and show response times yet doesnt give specific information as to what failed so I guess it depends on the scenario correct?

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