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AWS RDS Proxy CPU consumption when initiating new connections

I am using RDS Proxy in front of Aurora MySQL writer(db.r3.large), and I started doing some performance testing. My test consist on making 500 requests per minute and check how the Proxy and Aurora performs.

What I observed is that Aurora instance has worked at 100% of CPU utilization for 40 mins, after that, the CPU consumption dropped until almost 10%, so I guess RDS is caching data or since the connections are already open, the CPU utilization dropped that way.

In order to reduce the CPU consumption for the first 40 mins, I have two alternatives, either I scale the instance vertically or I reduce the connection pool size in the proxy.

What is the better approach to take here?

In addition, I have a read replica that is not being used by the Proxy, but well, I think RDS Proxy does not behaves as a load balancer between the writer and the reader instances.


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