AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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AWS offers free webinars on approaching the exam questions

In approaching my studies for sitting the Pro exam I came across the "Your pathway to getting AWS Certified" page on AWS. The session I did yesterday was excellent – almost 3 hours with a few 10 minute breaks.

The session is presented in the format of the exam areas with a brief overview of the material related to and area followed by a few sample questions. After being given a few brief moments to read the question and answers the presenter works through each answer looking at why it’s correct or incorrect.

The session highlighted for me (again) how much tougher the Pro questions are than the Associate questions so I have loads more work to do before booking my exam. Unfortunately the sessions don’t seem to be available for viewing other than in the webinar so register for the next session with is on 3 December 2018


David J Eddy

Link no longer valid. 🙁

suneel kanuri

The link that Gavin shared has a part date in it and is not valid now. This is the current page but unfortunately, there are no sessions for Pro.

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Thanks for sharing Gavin.  I like the question walk-through methods myself as the Exam is about learning question answering strategies as it is knowing AWS services. currently offers a free digital version of the "Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional" class.

The instructor does a good job of not only explaining how to do well on the exam, but the architectural thought process (trade-offs, etc.).

No idea how long it will be available but here’s the current link:


Still available as of 2-26-19. Thanks!


Still available as of 4-11-2019…Thanks!

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