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AWS CSA Professional 2020 – chapter 2 RDS – lesson issue

AWS CSA Professional 2020 chapter 2 RDS which I have done before seems to jump 2 minutes 30 seconds in on to a discussion about Maria DB without any context beforehand. Is it just me?

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Hi Sola,

The switch to the diagram at 2:30 is part of the lecture.  It’s designed to show you differences between Multi-AZ and Read Replica architectures.   I use MariaDB just as an illustration…it’s one of the types of RDS databases you can deploy.



Hi Scott – a quick update to Sola’s comment and your response. If I hadn’t read Sola’s question and your response, I would have had similar feeling Sola had. Possibly in a future update, the slide heading may be changed to give the user context that the slide is to highlight the difference between Multi-AZ and Read Replica architectures as the previous slide wasn’t talking about this concept.

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