AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional 2020 seems outdated

@Scott by when can we expect a newer version of this course?
Not that information isn’t valid but doesn’t cover the new stuff, like transit gateways, privatelinks, control tower, DMS, SCT etc.

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I don’t think I am the Scott you wanted to answer, but have you checked out some of the re:Invent videos linked under each section’s Exam Tips? That’s how I learned about Control Tower and got more in-depth coverage about SCT and DMS. I believe Private Link is mentioned within the course, or at least the videos. I have also found that incorporating all of the AWS FAQS, and sometimes the documentation for key concepts like VPCs, to be very valuable.

Prince Pathria

Thanks for answering Scott. So the intention behind asking the question was course videos is not completely catching up with what AWS has to offer. For example, videos talk transit vpc yet transit gateway is the hot trend. Other example would be this course focused on Launch configurations instead of Launch templates. And if you visit Launch configurations page, you’ll see a warning "We strongly recommend that you do not use launch configurations."


the cost optimization section are also outdated. There’s no more scheduled RI’s. Spot is no longer bid-based.

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