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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional 2019 (feedback)

Hi All,

I took my AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional 2019 this week and managed to score only 730. (this is my second attempt, after I got 650 from my earlier attempt in December). I am not going to give up, will make another attempt after some more preparation.

I am collating some of the topics I faced in the exam.

===Removed by moderator===

===Removed by moderator===

3. Question on where end user authentication can be done efficiently in Cloudfront.

===Removed by moderator===

4. Question on lambda vs lambda Proxy

5. Restricting access to instances in Production

(using Tag keys)

6. Document sharing system (related to AWS workdocs)

7. Highly scalable, highly available caching solution: redis vs memcached

8. Cloudformation template – which strategy to use it to deploy (the same template) it in multiple region (i.e. how to pass/use the –region within cloudtemplate to make it customize)

9. Connecting more than 200 VPCs together (mesh vs transit VPC vs Gateway VPC endpoint)

10. VPC end point to access S3 (private interface vs public gateway)

11. Question on Oracle migration (on-premise to AWS)

12. Solution to provide in-transit and on-storage encryption in Oracle.

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) – is what I chose (don’t recall the rest)

13. API Gateway related query (VPCLink)

14. Most cost effective solution to increase existing IOPS (current system is gpu)

===Removed by moderator===

15. Snowball vs snowmobile vs upload to S3 by parallel upload

16. AWS Step function

17. Route53: weighted routing & latency based routing related query

18. Query on AWS lambda timing out

===Removed by moderator===

19. Storage gateway – tape gateway related query

20. Query on direct connect VIF

21. ECS load balancing vs fargate

22. Administrator Vs Poweraccess

23. Cloudformaton used with pipeline and opswork

24. 3 VPCs, , 2 of them sharing a CIDR, exclusive access to one EC2 instance within a VPC.

How the route tables will be designed.

(This has been mentioned by multiple other test takers, its a shame I took a long time to access the choices)



===Parts removed by moderator===
Posting specific questions and answers from an exam is a violation of AWS Certification Program Agreement.

6 Answers

Hello all,

This week, I managed to pass my AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional 2019, scoring 833. Thanks to Scott, rest of acloudguru team and members of this forum.

Following are some of the areas in which I got the questions (on top of the ones I had listed earlier)

1. Use case to choose best option to increase cloudfront cache hit (involving static and dynamic cache)

2. Use case to choose best option when many microservices want to communicate b/w each other in multiple VPCs

3. Use case to provide redundant back up for direct connect

4. Kinesis data stream VS SQS (handling parallel activities)

5. VPC end point used together with bucket policy (to restrict access of bucket only to VPC end point)

6. best practice in deployinh multiple versions of Lambda/API Gateway in AWS Pipeline

7. DynamoDB housekeeping

and a few others.




Congratulations Deepak! This is really some dedication and persistence!!! I am on my journey and do get discouraged sometimes by sheer volume of studying it needs. Do let us know what all study materials you would suggest….


Congrats Deepak

Thanks Man for you information!

As suggested in the earlier posts, read through the FAQs of the services, (even if it is time consuming). Also spend some time on the reinvent videos, there are quite a few, off all those my favorite ones are these three. (would highly recommend you to watch these)

Direct connectivity options:


IAM Polics vs SCP:

also read through the feedback (topics) of previous exam takers in this forum. Having taken the same test 3 times, I saw many questions reappear again and again, so AWS’s question bank is not so deep or wide (in my opinion).

good luck with your preparation.

In addition to ACG also take the practice tests in UDEMY and whizlabs.


Many thanks for the feedback Deepak. Btw congratulations!


I passed exam 04/19 with 848 score.


Information provided in this post is very helpful and refer this one also before attending the exam


The important topics are AWS organizations,SCP vs IAM ,SAM, Storage gateways(3to 4 questions) ,many questions on Multi region deployments ,cloudformation stacksets ,cloud front ,Route 53 routing policies . Last 2 ,3 weeks I gone through AWS reinvent videos Practice tests from Udemy ,hightly recommends this . Questions are really long so plan your timing accordingly ,even if you spend more time on a question that should not be a problem ,some of the questions are simple which you can finish it in 30 seconds . I answered 20 questions in the first hour ,I was extra carefull initially and then increased the pace to answer remaining in the next hours ,I had just 30 seconds left before completing the exam .

@Deepak : Congratulations. I am also preparing the same.
Just one question, What all different topic you studied between first, second and third attempt Or did you change your strategy.
I am trying udemy mock exam and think i need to focus on cost questions more. Any suggestions how do i do the same ?


In my first attempt (Beta exam) I had studied only the materials in ACG (I knew that was not enough but since AWS was giving 50% discount and a voucher if you don’t pass the test) I decided to take it anyway.

In my 2nd attempt I took all the exams in udemy and whizkids (barely passed them) and also reviewed the questions.

In the 3rd attempt I reviewed every single question @ answer (again) on the above tests. I also reviewed the AWS FAQs of the major services (T.J has listed above) in particular the ones where I was not hands-on (lambda/serverless architecture in my case)…..

I also saw the reinvent videos (a few times) especially the ones I had posted earlier in this thread. I would definitely insist on watching the videos on

directconnect and SCP. There were quite a few question on those 2 topics.

Good luck with your exam.


Hi Deepak, where did you find the 50% discount? Thanks

Brian Nivens

That discount is only for the beta exams. Those are 50% off and you get a voucher to retake the test for free if you fail. Since the beta is over, you can’t get that discount, but check your certification account and see if you have any benefits that you can use.

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