AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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AWS Certified Solution Architect – professional (August 2020)

In this course, Blueprints are referencing from 2018 blueprints. Is this course still valid to prepare the SA professional Exam in Aug 2020?

Zia Haq

anyone recently took Certified Solution Architect – Professional course and exam? I am wondering if this course align with the exam because in the course all the references are from 2018.

1 Answers

Hi ziahaq23,

The exam blueprint from AWS was last updated in Fall 2018, so that’s why that timeframe is referenced.   The blueprint has not changed since then but of course the exam has added things, which we have added to the course as well.  Every week, I get many people who tell me they just passed the exam using this course, so it does work.


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