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Aws Backup now supports EFS

Hello please update the challenge since now EFS supports backups.

G Vossen

Challenge 2 is the questions regarding the usage of the File-Gateway. He is discarding answer E because the says "the File-Gateway does not expose via iSCSI" as far as I can see that is wrong. The file-gateway certainly exposes itself via iSCSI and does not support efs

G Vossen

so I think E is the correct answer. What am I missing?

Scott Pletcher

File Gateway can be mounted as NFS or SMB, but not via iSCSI. You can read about the differences here:

Mohd Annis

G Vossen, there are 3 type of storage available in Storage Gateway which is file, volume and tape. iSCSI only avaible for volume storage.

Rafael Franco

I believe the Backup support on NFS has nothing to do with the challenge question, regarding the filegateway it is true that it cannot be mounted as iSCSI, that would be a Volume Gateway.

Rafael Franco

I guess it is a matter of what options are shwon in the answers, if Volume gateway was mention we could argue that is a better option regarding performance

1 Answers

Hi Catalin,

I’m confused as to why you believe the question must be updated because AWS Backup now support EFS.  Could you please elaborate on your reasoning?


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