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AutoScaling Groups Multi-AZ Number of instances

In AutoScaling Groups Multi-AZ configuration – can you min/max by AZ.? Based on Documentation you can Not. You simply can list AZs and define min/max for the Group itself, but not by AZ. ASG would distribute instances in all AZs, in case a AZ is down – it would automatically launch in unaffected AZ. In case the AZ comes back it would automatically redistribute instances.

We have these quizzes suggesting launching certain number of instances per AZ – that concept seems incorrect (??)

1 Answers

Hi Sam,

Not sure what quiz questions you’re referring to so I can’t comment on those.  EC2 Auto-Scaling configured for multiple zones will try to balance across the zones, but if your configured instances type is not available in an AZ, it will not launch in that AZ for additional scaling.  This is why it’s common to configure multiple types of instances in case an AZ runs out of a specific instances type capacity.


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