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Automatic promotion of cross-region DB?

The video says Aurora as opposed to normal RDS will handle automatic failover of cross-region DB. This is contrary to what I am reading in the Aurora FAQ. ( See the bottom of section "Q: What happens during failover and how long does it take?", where it says "Disaster recovery across regions is a manual process, where you promote a secondary region to take read/write workloads." Only multi-AZ is automatic, not cross-region.

Also in the section "Q: Will Aurora automatically fail over to a secondary region of an Aurora Global Database?", it says "No. If your primary region becomes unavailable, you can manually remove a secondary region from an Aurora Global Database and promote it to take full reads and writes. You will also need to point your application to the newly promoted region."

Am I misunderstanding something, or is the video incorrect?

1 Answers

Both Aurora cross-region read replicas and secondary region of Aurora Global tables must be manually promoted to primary to take reads and writes from client apps.

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