AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Are the courses with latest data

I am preparing for my AWS Solution Architect professional exam , at lot of topics i could only notice it is referenced to year 2015 / 2016, so i was wondering how good they are with current exam questions / topics covered

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Hello Sathisha,
The Certification course are not intended to teach every new service and feature.  (If they did they would be too long and too expensive for anyone to do  😀 ).   They are aimed at preparing students for the related exam and ensure that they have a strong understanding of the Core competencies to take into a job situation and be productive.  

Once you master the Core topics picking up new Services and Features is generally not a problem.   We also have and are developing a lot of secondary material to cover popular services that are outside the cert courses.

As a general rule not every service or feature will make it on to an exam, and then only after about 12 months.  By all means read up on new servies & features, but don’t expend a lot of exam prep time following the trends. 😉

The SA Pro course has just been updated and then refreshed to align with the latest exam. Follow Scott’s advice on holistic preparation and you should be fine. 

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Thank you Rusty for your immediate and detailed response…

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