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Application availablity report using EC2 instance uptime

We have mission critical application running with more than 50 EC2 instances , we need to create application availability report out of 50 EC2 instances uptime. 

Can you please help me to find the feasible solution.

1 Answers

Interesting question. This seems like it should be easy, and would be if could get the tags for EC2 instance in the metric.

Here’s a few ideas, but it seems that there should be a simpler way.

Have the instances report a custom metric. You could record something interesting like memory or CPU usage also. Then you could report on the custom metric.

Another way would be CloudWatch Events. Use a specific tag on the EC2 for this application. Listen for EC2 instances starting and stopping. Send the event to a Lambda that filters based on the tag and creates a custom metric when an instance starts or stops. You might also want to watch for autoscaling events so you’ll know when an instance when down normally, versus one that had a problem.

Are you collecting the application logs? Perhaps you could report the first and last time you see an instance id.

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