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android app – continuous play & sd card

G’day folks,

I’m running into two issues with the android app.  Firstly continuous play doesn’t work if I take the focus off the application.  

e.g. If I press home just before one finishes the the next one doesn’t start playing.  If I swipe from top and in notifications I see it’s loaded the next one (but not playing).    Then if I go back into the app, it instantly starts playing.  

This is annoying if listening while working around the house but is going to be a massive pain when cycling (the main time I have to listen).   I’d love to know if this is an issue with the app or is just my phone.

Second is that you don’t seem to be able to specify to download to the SD card (20GB free) instead of the system drive (500MB free).   Apps like spotify give you the option. This would be handy but less important than the continuous play issue.



1 Answers

Hi James, thanks for posting.   I’m going to ask someone from our Support team to connect with you.  Not sure if these are bugs, known issues or if there are some ways to alleviate them.

Nigel Jordan

Hi Scott, was there any answer re not being able to download to the sd card via the andriod app. The udemy app does allow it. If not is it on the list as an enhancement.

derek mccallum

Second that. You cant rely on your root having space when your device is choc full of kids games. I’ve 80GB of free SD.

S. Rohit

I would also second the feature request to store to external storage in android app.


Do you guys have any updates on this? I’m also looking to use the external storage vs internal to watch videos offline.

Andreas Brodmann

I am running into the same SD card isdue here. Any feedback?


Can we get an update on this? A year seems long enough to make this mod to the app…or is it there and I’m missing it?

Training ENCRIPT

Hey guys, I have the same issue lacking the option to save on the SD Card…

Andy Wrench

I have 60GB of SD card space and less than 2 GB of internal storage – would be great to be able to download to SD.

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