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Amazon Storage Gateway it’s some kind of midleware?

Reading about Amazon Storage Gateway, sound like a middleware with some advance cache features, It’s correct?

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Hi Jesus,

Yes, got it!  

I’d say Storage Gateway has more in common with a proxy than middleware…  When I think middleware, I think of an orchestration layer, ETL or maybe a message broker.  A proxy on the other hand is more of an intermediary that doesn’t do much other than pass information through…and sometimes caching if its configured as such.  But, that might be splitting hairs…

Storage Gateway wants to be as transparent as possible so your systems don’t know they are using anything different than standard iSCSI, NFS or SMB resources.


Yong Zu

Hi Scott, in term of File Gateway, I plan to use it as a replacement of EFS as EFS is too expansive. I store tons of static images in EFS now. The images need to available by Nginx instances which served as static content server and do some on-demand resizing. I tried some 3rd-party NFS-S3 adapt softwares (s3fs for example), but they hangup or eat all CPUs. Does File Gateway make sense in my case?

Scott Pletcher

From the sounds if it, your Nginx servers are on AWS already. The File Gateway might be an option if your webservers were on-prem…then you could just mount the File Gateway as NFS or CIFS. If you’re on AWS already, I would stay away from the various S3 drivers like FUSE for the exact reasons you mention. EFS is probably the best way. For a less expensive option, you might look into just EBS magentic volumes and using something like rsync or something like Resilio or Syncthing to keep the files in sync among the servers. You might also look at a serverless option if you don’t need Nginx… just use S3 static hosting and CloudFront.

Tomasz Breś

EFS is quite expensive one (like 3 times EBS price) and IOPS is low. File Gateway deployes as EC2 instance should do the job for You.

Steven Dick

For me, this is not an example middleware and using that term will confuse people.

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