AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Professional 2020

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Am I missing something?

I don’t recall reviewing or discussing OpenAQ or AWS Glue in any of the previous lectures

Tim Seery

It’s called stump-the-chump format, your expecting a lab based on the topics covered (re-enforcement via hand-on) and you are surprised with a topic that covered in another course at a very high level.

Tim Seery

But you should have known that 🙂

1 Answers

AWS Glue is covered in AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate. You should know that course and other associate courses inside out before taking this course. Also, the nature of Professional certifications are such to provide you only clues, and you are expected to Google Search, read AWS Service FAQ, etc. to familiarize yourself with concepts you haven’t heard of before. 
Saed Alavinia

Also OpenAQ is just a dataset.

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