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AD Connector

You receive an error message similar to one or more of the following when connecting to your on-premises directory:

SRV record for LDAP does not exist for IP:

SRV record for Kerberos does not exist for IP:

AD Connector needs to obtain the _ldap._tcp. and _kerberos._tcp. SRV records when connecting to your directory. You will get this error if the service cannot obtain these records from the DNS servers that you specified when connecting to your directory. For more information about these SRV records

my scenario is I got my VPC via a VPN connection to my on-premises AD network. my vpc have 2 public subnets and 2 private subnets. in public subnets, I build ec2 windows server as RODC on each subnet. and in private subnets, i build ec2 window server dc. they all successfully replicate from the on-premises AD. all these four ec2 windows servers are all join to the on-premise domain.

The NACL, & SG for testing purpose, I had open to all. and I checked all the DNS server from the forward lookup zone > _msdcs..local > dc or forward lookup zone > _msdcs..local > _tcp , all got _ldap & _kerberos SRV records pointed to the right dns name. (such as _ldap service location (SRV) [0][100][389]DNS name.domain name.local)

Scott Pletcher

Hi Runtian, I don’t have any ideas myself for the problem. I’ll leave this open for a few days to see if someone else might be able to provide some ideas.

2 Answers

Unfortunately, Doesn’t seem like anyone has any ideas.      Closing this question as unanswered.

@Runtian, did you try solution proposed at

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