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Active Directory questions

Since my background is development and Linux, I feel a bit weak with Active Directory and Microsoft Wintel deployments.

Any good resources I should be reading for a good summary on AD deployments or migrations with AD?

In the exam simulator the answer of an AD question went something like "bootstrap script to install a Kerberos client package and perform a Realm Join command" and recently an exam failed talked about trust Forests!?

So any AD tips, would be great for my retake. Thank you!

1 Answers

Hi Hendry,

As obtuse and boring as it may be, I would suggest reading the AWS documentation on Active Directory linked below.  The reason for this is that you can really go down a rabbit hole with AD and the whole universe of stuff there.  If your objective is preparing for the exam, then just sticking to the official AWS documentation will help because they will never have scored questions on stuff that’s not covered in the official documentation.   Now, that said, you might come across a term that you don’t know and you might have to dig a little there, but for the most part, try to stick within the AWS docs.  Also, know that AWS will insert red herring questions to try to trick you.



What’s unclear to me is how a typical large enterprise goes from on-premesis AD to … AWS Managed AD? Via the connector or, what does the typical migration path look like so that their users can easily sign onto relevant accounts and get to work? E.g. trust relasonships expessed in the migration.


I think I found the answer to my question via Thank you Scott!

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