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AccessDenied 403

My crawler fails to retrieve any schema, and it fails with Access Denied error:

ERROR : Error Access Denied (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 403; Error Code: AccessDenied; Request ID: xxxx; S3 Extended Request ID: xxxxxxxxxxx) retrieving file at s3://openaq-fetches/realtime/2018-10-09/1539043480.ndjson. Tables created did not infer schemas from this file.


I have the same issue, cant figure it out

Ryan O’Donnell

make sure your IAM Role is correct. I copy and pasted the s3 URL the first time (didnt correct it for the s3 call s3://…) and realized thats not the correct syntax for calling an S3 bucket like IAM wants. After correcting the IAM Glue role to IAM syntax it worked.

1 Answers

Haven’t watched this video, but an HTTP 403 is a forbidden error ( Make sure you have set up your credentials and are using them and that those credentials have access to the s3 file you are trying to get.

Scott Pletcher

I second this…check that you properly setup the crawler to access this S3 bucket.

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