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Access Iot over a site-to-site vpn

What do I need to do to allow a vpn to access the iot endpoints for publishing? (this is using aws site-to-site vpn…)

1 Answers

Hi Kevin, can you please explain your scenario? As I can see you are trying to access IoT endpoints via AWS Site-to-Site VPN. Site-to-Site VPN provides you with connection between your onsite private networks and VPC "private networks". Meanwhile IoT Endpoints are public. Even if you will route traffic to VPC, traffic will need to flow trough NAT Gateway/ NAT instance to Internet Gateway and out to AWS public network.

Kevin Tacheny

Hi Maks, Thanks for your answer. My situation is that I have a modem that I setup with a site-to-site vpn. I need to communicate with some servers on a vpc. That works great, but now with this same connection I need to send some iot communication. I now believe I need to just route all my internet traffic through the site-to-site vpn to the internet as well. (to get to the iot endpoints). Thanks for your help.

Maks Khomutskyi

Kevin, IoT traffic should be routed via internet. On your modem you set routing rules to route VPC networks to VPN and other traffic your ISP gateway. It should work fine.

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