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Windows command line steps – EC2/SSH

Hello all and thank you Cloud Gurus for all you do.  I did want to inquire about those of us not so handy in the command line.  Each time we go to the terminal, Faye and/or Ryan always use Linux.  Is it just an unreasonable expectation that real-life use will ever be in Windows?   There are a few lessons where they branch out for Windows, but crucial lessons (ie. EC2 w/key pairs) they fly through various Linux commands and lose me.  

Any and all tips welcome.  Thanks a million.

1 Answers

Hi, thanks for your question. Yes we use Mac which is pretty similar to Linux, but if you are using Windows, it might be worth checking out the following video which is part of our Developer Associate course – you’ll have access to it if you’re an ACG member)  


and also this documentation talks through the process really well too:


hope that helps, but do let us know if you still have issues. 


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