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Whitepaper presented in this section (Security processes) does not exist anymore

 Does anyone know which documents in AWS Security documentation should we go through, as there are over 50 different links to documents? Whitepaper presented in this section (AWS Security processes) does not exist anymore, and AWS refers to AWS Security documentation.

3 Answers

Per AWS, for the AWS Certified Security – Specialty:

"STUDY TIP: Focus on the following whitepapers

Security Pillar – AWS Well Architected Framework || Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes || AWS Security Best Practices || Security at Scale: Logging in AWS || AWS Key Management Best Practices || AWS Security Incident Response Guide || AWS Best Practices for DDoS Resiliency || Building a Scalable and Secure Multi-VPC AWS Network Infrastructure || Security & Compliance Quick Reference Guide" *


"STUDY TIP: Focus on the following FAQs:

AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) || AWS Single Sign-On || AWS Organizations || AWS Security Hub || Amazon GuardDuty || Amazon Inspector || AWS Config || AWS Shield || AWS CloudTrail || AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) || Amazon Macie || AWS Key Management Service (KMS) || AWS Certificate Manager || AWS Secrets Manager || Amazon Detective || Amazon VPC || AWS Direct Connect || AWS Route 53 || AWS Artifact" *


Mark Tilley

I’m currently working my way through this whitepaper link if that helps: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/whitepapers/latest/introduction-aws-security/welcome.html?did=wp_card&trk=wp_card

Michael O’Lear

LOVE that link!

This security paper from June 2016 (!) has been superseded by several others. This lecture reveals a UI and organization of security information on the AWS web site that is also completely out of date. I have also found what looks like a more recent version of this white paper "Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes" that is dated March 2020, but is watermarked as "archived" and says "For the latest technical content on Security and Compliance, see [https://aws.amazon.com/architecture/security-identity-compliance/"].

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