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Which book or study guides (reading resources) are useful for the exam other than the lectures?

I would like some books other than the lectures and aws documents. Which books or study guides do you recommend? Would AWS documents be enough? I see there is a book for the certified network specialty exam, but not for the security specialty.

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Hi Brooke, personally I wouldn’t recommend any book just because by the time a book is written and produced the content ends up being out of date. Especially when talking about AWS which changes on a daily basis! So I think the books are a waste of money really and will just end up as more landfill fodder in a couple of years! 

If you enjoy reading and I really do, there are loads of really good resources online, particularly the AWS white papers which are a must for the Security Specialty. 

The main ones to read are the ones related to KMS, DDoS, Logging, Security Best Practices, Well Architected Framework etc.. there are so many good ones, they keep them up to date and they are free! I tend to just skim read them rather than sit down and read them from beginning to end….I just focus on the bits I don’t already know.


As for the FAQs, I would definitely review all of the FAQs for each Security related service, https://aws.amazon.com/faqs/

They have grouped all the Security related FAQs under Security, Identity, & Compliance. So head there and work through them. For me, this is a great way to revise…it gives a concise reminder and once again you can just skim read and focus on the areas you need to.

Hope that helps and good luck!


PS:  All of the specific white papers I recommend are also linked in the course in the _Updates For 2019 _section in the  Additional Resources For Exam Prep lecture

Brooke Lee

Thank you, Faye, for your comments. It helps a lot.

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