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Where to find Lab4

i did not find lab 4 on https://acloud.guru/course/event-driven-security/dashboard

is it not part of Certified Security – Specialty 2017?

1 Answers

Lab 4 is the entire last section of the event driven security course. The event driven security course is a very hands on course and this lab shows you how you could implement some controls around "bad configurations". 

The Security Specialty exam (and course) is a theory exam that will (when released) include questions about securing the configuration of your infrastructure, not just when you first set it up and while its running providing your service. The security specialty course is designed to be complete in itself, but since it is putting many of the theory principals into practice, it is a good way to learn and understand more about this topic, which could help you in the exam. And if you are like me, its much more fun putting this theory into practice than just reading about it.


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