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Where is the old Certified Security – Specialty Course?

Few months ago I purchased specialty course bundle, I just noticed that the Certified Security – Specialty course has changed, Ryan was not the instructor of the old course. Just wanted to check whether that course is also available?

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Hopefully, the exam will be returning soon, I was also hoping to take this exam.  See this thread https://acloud.guru/forums/aws-certified-security-specialty/discussion/-Kc02BawnU2aqj934ZjJ/exam_not_available

That’s true. I also noticed that the original security specialty exam series which I bought from acloudguru, Ryan was not the instructor of that course. It was taught by somebody else.


i am confused as well. I received mail that there would be a new course , and as a purchaser of the original I would also get the new one. I can’t tell if there is a new one or if there have been changes to the old one. I was in the middle of retaking the course when that email went out.


same here, I am also confused about the email searched for few days and waited as if the new course is yet to be launched, now finding Ryan is instructor of old course, I wanted to know whether the content of the course changed or new course has to be launched or instructor changed ?

J.A. Murphy

Ditto what nethole said. If the content found under the "Certified Security – Specialty 2017" is in fact the revised content aligned with the newly approved (second beta?) Amazon certification, can you indicate that somewhere? Even adding "(Revised)" to the title would be enough. In the intro, Ryan promised updated content no more than two weeks after Reinvent. I’m ok with waiting longer. I’m sure it’s not an easy task. I certainly don’t want Ryan to cut corners in bringing it up to snuff. Just give us a status update and some obvious indication in the banner material when it’s good to go. If this were 30 or 45 days ago, I would go along with the advice to dive into the material as is, then deal with a update. But since I haven’t really started, I figured I’d wait until I know I’m working on the new version.

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