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When was the last time this course was updated?

Chapter 3 – Cross-Region Replication @1:36 – "Who knows if that will change in 2018 though, we’ll just wait and see…"

Did ACG just slap a "2020" sticker on a grossly outdated course?

1 Answers

Thank you! this was updated today to remove that reference. 

For the Security Specialty, the exam is still the same version that AWS released in 2018, (SCS-C01). 

The exam does change incrementally over time with new topics occasionally appearing in the question pool and we update the content as soon as we are aware, or if a lab breaks, or if information becomes outdated. Just in the past 2 weeks, we’ve made 3 updates for example, just to keep everything current. And this summer, Ryan completely re-recorded the Cloud HSM lab following changes in the AWS console. 

At the moment, we are getting excellent feedback on this course in terms of coverage for the exam topics. We had one of our own team members pass just a couple of days ago and a student passed last week with 94% having used only our course! 

However if you do notice anything that needs to be updated please do let us know and we’ll get onto it! (I’m sure you can imagine there are hundreds of changes to AWS every week and we have to try and keep on top of it all, so it really helps when people let us know if they notice something that is outdated!)

( I my opinion they will probably release a new version of this exam in 2021 because that would make sense as the certifications are now valid for 3 years, so to my mind it makes sense for the exam to be changed up every 3 years. I have no insider info, this is purely my gut feeling!)

all the best


Vancho Georgievski

Perfect, thanks Faye!

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