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Whats Next – The Road to GA (General Availability)

Hi Students

The BETA exam period is now over, and all of the 3 specialty instructors Mike (this course), Sanjay (Big Data) and Adrian (me, advanced networking) are looking for feedback from any students who’ve completed the BETA exam and taken this course.

We’re looking for a collated thread of any comments on the course so far (big or small) and things which you think need adding, adjusting or removing. The final exams, will be in general availability status in ~ April 2017 – so we’ll be using this feedback to make sure the final courses provide a high as chance as possible for exam success.

I’m going to be creating a medium post, and spamming social networks with the post in an attempt to cast the feedback ‘net’ as wide as possible.

I’ll make sure I add the link here when it’s live – and we’d all appreciate it if you could share, like, recommend and retweet as much as you can.

Thanks for your assistance – and stay tuned for the link.

/Adrian, Mike and Sanjay.

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