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What is zone appex and why we cant use it for CNAME ?


You own the registered domain name cloudcanines.com and are trying configure Route53 to map the DNS name to the DNS name of your Elastic Load Balancer. Which Route53 record can you use to achieve this?



Zone Apex



cloudcanines.com is a Zone Apex and you can’t create a CNAME record at the zone apex. Instead you need to use an alias record to map the Zone Apex to the Elastic Load Balancer

1 Answers

Appex domain name is your root domain name without "www". if your root domain name is www.example.com, then your appex domain name is "example.com". The CName record can’t co-exist other DNS records for the same domain. You will need to define an A Record (Map your DNS name to an IP address) for your root domain name otherwise people won’t be able to resolve your website’s DNS name into the IP address, so the CName record can’t be used with your Appex domain name.

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