Certified Security - Specialty

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What are the key whitepaper(s) recommended for studying this exam?

I noticed AWS has a number of whitepapers related to security. What are the the top couple to review/study for the specialty exam?

4 Answers

AWS Cloud Security and Cloud Compliance Resources (aws.amazon.com/whitepapers)

• Security and Compliance documentation

• Compliance resources

These are the official documents. But try to read all on https://aws.amazon.com/security/security-resources/

The whitepaper on KMS implementation is also a good read, https://d1.awsstatic.com/whitepapers/KMS-Cryptographic-Details.pdf

I mentioned in another post that the current course is missing or glossing over some of the topics I expect to be core knowledge. In addition to whitepapers, I’d do some reading on the AWS Security Blog and watching re:Invent videos from this past year. Topics to look out for:

  • Intermediate/Advanced IAM policies

  • Envelope Encryption & KMS + AWS Encryption SDK

  • Making use of Encryption Context for KMS!!!

  • Multi-Account Architecture & AWS Organizations

  • Automating Security Management / Operations


Clinton, thanks for the above tips, I really appreciate it

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