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Web ACL Not Viewable in the new AWS WAF Console

I waited for my CloudFormation WAF stack to be completed, but I did not see the CommonAttackProtection Web ACL in the list, as demonstrated by Ryan, even after switching to Global CloudFront.  I noticed that I was in the new AWS WAF console, so I switched to the AWS WAF Classic console and found it there.  

Per the notice from AWS: "Note: You are currently using AWS WAF Classic. Resources created under AWS WAF Classic are not compatible with the new AWS WAF console or API. Learn more about the changes and try out the new service."

It appears as though the Web ACL resource created by the CloudFormation stack template provided (https://s3.amazonaws.com/cloudformation-examples/community/common-attacks.json) will create a resource that is not compatible with the new AWS WAF console.  Is this an accurate statement?

Abrar Bin Yousuf

The new WAF has a lot more additional features compared to old WAF Classic

Danilo Casabona

On top of it, it didn’t provision the CloudFront distribution used in this class.

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