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VPC endpoint does not work as per the video in AWS Certified Security as Speciality

The video in the course – 6.12, the way Ryan has stated, I followed it. But the end point entry that appears in his Main Route table is vastly different than mine. My vpc is in ap-southeast-1 region. I have the below endpoint gateway entry in my Main route table which is associated with the private subnet.

pl-6fa54006 (com.amazonaws.ap-southeast-1.s3,,,,,,,           vpce-05e93a8b3bd462649  active    No

Hence when I try to access "aws s3 ls", nothing happens.

But when I had the NAT gateway entry in the Main route table, I was able to do all sorts of tasks under s3.

So appreciate some help here please. I am baffled as to why my endpoint is not working despite doing everything that Ryan did.

Thanks in advance.

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