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For the first time, i was trying to ssh into a private subnet while following your lecture, i did the nano mypvk.pem, i chmod my private key, but it is asking me to enter passphrase for key mypvk.pem. I have no idea what that is or where to find it. This is frustrating

2 Answers

Hi Michael, 

Try the following steps.

1) From your public EC2 instance, ping your private EC2 instance to ensure it’s up and running. (optional) 

2) Use nano to save to save the "mypvk.pem" file in your public instance (which it seems you did 😛 ).  

3) Confirm the .pem file was saved  by executing "ls" command. This should list all the files in your working directory.

4) Once you can see the .pem file via the "ls" command, chmod 400 it.

5) While in the same working directory in which you saved the "mypvk.pem" file, execute the ssh command with the "-i" parameter, as shown exactly in the video. 

6) If you followed steps 2-5 above, you should be able to connect without requirering to enter a passphrase. 

Hope it works & best of luck!

I faced this issue a couple of times. In all cases, the issue was that something had gone wrong while copying the .pem file.
So I would recommend to simply check if the data in the copied key file is really identical to the original. No extra lines, no missing characters etc.

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