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Updates & Where did the exam go?? Here’s what you need to know…

Hello everyone. Mike C here.  Since posting the initial version of this course in Las Vegas during re:Invent I stayed in the USA delivering face to face training and meeting as many of you as I could.  Now I’m back in Australia (my home) and I am prepping the next release of lessons for this course (which will include some updates to existing lessons).

Over the last couple of days though the beta exam has disappeared, and you may be wondering why.  We have been in touch with AWS and have been told that the shear volume of applicants for the beta exam was beyond the levels they needed/expected/wanted for the beta program, so the beta exam (not the whole cert) has been pulled for now.  So where does that leave anyone who is yet to sit the exam?  I understand that if you booked an exam you will still be able to take it.  However if you didn’t manage to book before the exam was removed from the site you will have to wait until the cert is launched in the first few months of 2017.  

If anyone has any questions please get in touch, either here, or via twitter @mikegchambers .  

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on the course so far.  Over the next few days you will see changes as the course shapes out more and more to align with what we know of the cert content.  

Thanks – Mike


Mike, if you can attach a copy of blue-print, that would be helpful for already registered candidates.


As Security Speciality BETA Exam details are removed from AWS Certification page, it would be helpful if if you can attach a copy of blue-print, for easiness of already registered candidates in Resource Section of your course.

5 Answers

Jason Edward

This link give an access denied error.

Goran K

I ran into the same issue/error. I googled AWSCertifiedSecuritySpecialtyBlueprint.pdf and found a working link.

If you goto https://aws.amazon.com/certification/our-certifications/ you’ll see the notification :-

"Please Note: The AWS Certified Security – Specialty Beta exam is currently over-subscribed and registration has closed."

See https://d0.awsstatic.com/training-and-certification/docs-security-spec/AWS_Certified_Security_Specialty_Blueprint.pdf

Any discount/voucher planned for this course while the AWS exam is gone? 🙂

Hi Mike,

Just wondering whether the Security specialty will be coming back at all? This thread was about the exam beta, but it seems that AWS have also pulled any and all references to the Security Specialty entirely?



ACG – Neil Walker

Hi Matt, AWS advised that they were going back to the drawingboard on the exam questions, and will release a new beta later on, most likely at re:Invent 2017. Feedback from those that took the exam felt that it was extremely fushed, full of errors and placeholders, and they expected the pass rate to be very low. The theory in the course lines up with the outcomes from the exam blueprint, so will still remain quite valid until a rerelease later in the year. Cheers,


Thanks Neil, that makes sense. Do you know when the discount on the course will end?

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