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Took Security Specialty beta today

Echoing what most people already said who’d taken the current beta exam recently. However, I did have ONE question that had HSM as a possible answer, but that was it.

My entire exam was multiple choice or multi-choice multiple choice. A good deal of it was communication issues with CloudWatch, what do to if an EC2 is compromised, a lot of CloudFront questions (attaching to S3, ELB, etc.) — know where CloudFront endpoints exist/don’t exist.

Was a question that had Athena and Artifact as choices — know what those do/don’t do.

Know about DirectConnect. Know your CIDR basics.

More than a couple questions related to why an EC2 is not logging certain events to CloudWatch.

Some questions on EC2 Systems Manager. I don’t use that service, so I was definitely weak on that and was where I know I guessed (i.e., what’s the process name called? No clue.)

Know how to interpret the JSON of policies, but just enough to know what they are doing/not doing. I did not have to write any JSON, just read and find the issues (but they were not at all as obvious as that reInvent IAM ninja video!)

Lots of troubleshooting questions. "Why doesn’t this work?" or "How would you fix this?" Again, multiple choice.

I came out of the exam feeling better than when I took the Associate exam. I know of at least one I got wrong (I did not know what Athena was — never heard of it before). And I flat-out guessed on VERY few. Feeling good about it, but thankfully I know where I might be weak if I need to take the free re-take. 🙂

Good luck!


Keith thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

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Also: I have been wracking my brain over one IAM JSON question, and I’m thinking there may have been a typo. Wonder how I can give that feedback to them or how they receive it. Possibly I should have made a note on the exam somehow.

Anthony Esdaile

The New security course offering from Ryan or should i say regurgitated Associate teachings is wholly useless for this qualification you should be ashamed to offer this rubbish to students

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