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There are significant quality issues with the articulate.com link shared as a free Security Specialty quiz.

The answers the site gives and its reasons are wrong and will make you perform incorrectly on the exam. A Cloud Guru should not be granting their intrinsic authority to these questions, because they are extremely low quality and will only confuse students.


Agreed, I thought I was losing my mind until I saw this comment. This is designed to look official but is not hosted or created by AWS and at least half the answers and breakdowns are incorrect

Adam Fisher

agreed, noticed the same thing today.


Agreed, I couldn’t even get through half of it because it is clear that this quiz is not accurate. Please remove from your resources.

1 Answers

You can try Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Security – Specialty on AWS training, it offers a summary with quiz along the course. 


I agree – AWS’ exam readiness course for security specialty is really good.

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