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The level of course

Hi, I have done about 70% of courses, and to be honest I have got a feeling that it is just to easy and the actual exam will be much more difficult… :/ Some videos are veeeerrryyyy basic :/

Anthony Esdaile

I totally agree theres some good intro stuff but this course is way too easy and AWS recommends 5 years experience before this exam I have already aske 2 questions about this course but as of yet no answer If you compare this to the other 2 speciality courses the guys are really going for it and the content is fantastic

Tristan van Bokkem

Keep in mind that most parts of this course have been created prior AWS launching the exam, like Mike told us in the beginning of the course. It is only touching the basics so you will have to dig into the whitepapers yourself.


This is ‘specialty’ exam. You can’t create course for this, provide just the most basic content and say that everything is OK – it’s not!

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Hello Mike.C. here….

I also agree.  More is coming 🙂

As per the other Specialty courses here on ACG this course is in Beta until the cert drops early next year. We are getting feedback that we are folding in the course to get full coverage on the topics of the beta exam.  

I’m in the process of updating the course.  There is some far more in depth content coming covering content that we expect in the final exam.  

Thanks – Mike


Teh beta tips portion is not there yet. Beta test ends Tuesday.

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