Certified Security - Specialty

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The Cloud HSM intro in the Certified Security course cuts out at 2:43 and the rest of the video is blank. Just a heads up on that.

No question, just letting you know.



Mark P

Yup still cuts out feb 24, 2018


Yep, still in that state as of 7PM on 2/24/18


I got the same issue.


Same issue for me as well


video comes back at 7:15, but it’s just in time for the closing statements. Please re-render and re-upload the video again.

Mukesh Dixit

I have sent an email to their support, let’s see.

3 Answers

@Ryan: Can we please have a link to a complete version of this video.

I have raised a ticket for this and escalated


This issue has now been fixed. Thanks for letting us know and enjoy your studies!

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