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Step Missing?

At 4:45 the screen changes as Ryan says he’s gone down a rabbit hole, he then logs in as a CO not a PRECO, steps are missing on how to create this user as when I try to create the user as the PRECO I get the response: 


This is a CRITICAL operation, should be done on all nodes in the

cluster. Cav server does NOT synchronize these changes with the

nodes on which this operation is not executed or failed, please

ensure this operation is executed on all nodes in the cluster.

Do you want to continue(y/n)?Invalid option, please type ‘y’ or ‘n’

Do you want to continue(y/n)?y

Creating User andrew(CU) on 1 nodes

createUser failed: HSM Error: CO is not logged in to do this operation

creating user on server 0( failed

I get the same error when using the same command substituting CU for CO


Found solution: Password for PRECO must be changed which turns the account to a CO

1 Answers

loginHSM PRECO admin password

changePswd PRECO admin

listUsers – here you should be able to see CO user with the password created!


Hopefully, this should resolve your question.

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