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Start now or wait until end of January?

Should I start the courseware for AWS Security or wait until Ryan gets the new material published? I’m eager to get going, but don’t want to have to repeat a large amount of coursework.

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It’s not repeating coursework.  It’s extra study time – especially since you will get the new content for free.

Just start.

Steve is spot on !

  The basics don’t change only the how they are presented and what is focused on.
At this level you should be watching the course several times an doing side reading.  Start now, use this as a 1st pass, then use the new course as the 2nd pass.

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I will probably go through the material at least 3 or 4 times and incorporate any new material and feedback as it becomes available. I will also review reinvent and webinars on youtube in addition to the written material. As Rusty said, the basics don’t change. Another good read is the white paper on KMS implementation , https://d1.awsstatic.com/whitepapers/KMS-Cryptographic-Details.pdf

I’d also recommend starting now. I’ve posted some additional topics in other threads, e.g, https://acloud.guru/forums/aws-certified-security-specialty/discussion/-L3OXq1hnI1aW0mpOE3k/aws_security_exam_update%3F.

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