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SSH key generation on Mac

Hi together,

We could also use ssh-keygen on MacOS to make this a one step process. Keep in mind that there is no security difference between ssh-keygen and openssl as ssh-keygen uses the same calls to openssl to generate asymmetric key material.

An Example on how to generate keys as shown in the video:

ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 -f private_key.pem

This than will generate the private_key.pem private part of the RSA Key and the private_key.pem.pub public part of the RSA Key. During the process you can be asked to input a passphrase to encrypt and further secure your generated key material.

The following steps of importing the key and using it then are the same as in the video, but might request for the specified passphrase if you choosed to use one.

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