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Some things seem to have changed since this lecture

The blip between when Ryan logs in as the PRECO user and then as the CO user is at a key point.  It took me some time to figure out that the PRECO user automatically turned into a CO user still named admin after the password change.  It would have been helpful to walk through a little more of that in the lecture.

2nd and more importantly the start commands for using the cloudhsm-client have changed.  The video has "start cloudhsm-client" but this did not work for me.  I went to AWS’s documentation and found this command which worked: "service cloudhsm-client start"  They seem to have updated a few things since the lecture that makes it difficult to get through this lecture without quite a bit of separate digging

1 Answers

Thanks very much for letting us know, I will speak to Ryan about getting this one updated!

George Mather

ya need to fix this

George Mather

Looks like you need to change the password first aws-cloudhsm>changePswd PRECO admin then you can logout , log back in and create user

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