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Showing error when running Encrypt Key Material commands

When writing the following commands:

openssl rsautl -encrypt

-in PlaintextKeyMaterial.bin


-inkey PublicKey.bin

-keyform DER


-out EncryptedKeyMaterial.bin

it is showing the following error:

‘no key file specified

unable to load Private key’

I have entered my wrappingKey_….. in place of PublicKey.bin but still showing the following error. What can i do?

2 Answers

Were you using the wrappingkey name as is in place of publickey.bin?

Just rename the wrappingkey file to something simple : Example:  mywrap

I have seen errors happen if you just use the same name . It might be because there are multiple characters such _ ,- which might be breaking up the command.

I ran into the same error. Through research, I identified spacing as the issue. Removing the spaces between commands worked for me. When copy over the command be sure to remove any spacing between the lines.

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