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Security specialty results are out

And I passed. Only one missing is networking specialty which I will sat on next monday. Hopefully it goes well

Oliver Gibbs

Well done, I passed too. I found out yesterday via the aws.training portal but the CertMetrics email has just arrived. Too bad the acloud.guru Certification Uploader doesn’t recognise the cert yet.

Rafael Barreto

Congratulations! Which materials did you use besides Cloud Guru videos?

13 Answers

I also passed; many, many thanks to Ryan and crew for putting together such a good course on short notice after revamping the old material.  THANK YOU!!! 🙂

Now they need to update the site so I can upload my new cert … =)

I also passed the exam with a score of 883. Thank you to Ryan and Cloud Guru! Best of luck to everyone taking the exam in the future.

John Hanley

That is a good score!


It sure is, especially for a beta exam … well done! I squeaked across the line but I still passed. I figure I have two years to improve before I have to take it again. 😉

I passed too!  Thanks acloud!

I failed ….

I also passed !!!! Thanks Ryan, for your great Security Specialist course, Mattias for your support and also for the Security Specialist forum. Great discussions and tips.

You can now download a score report under previous exams page. I missed my mark by 1 or 2 questions. Need to improve on logging and monitoring and incident response!

I passed too, thanks to the course on here. Wasn’t expecting to pass to be honest. Congrats to everyone that managed to pass.

I passed as well, thanks Ryan for the last minute course updates. Passed with a 856.

I also passed. Thank Ryan for updating the course the weekend before I was due to sit it.

I also passed. Many thanks to A Cloud Guru for your course

well Done, I also passed  , Thanks Ryan score 844

How is everyone finding out their score? I passed as well, but haven’t received any email regarding the score.


You’ll have to log into the certification website and you can download the report from your exam; that will give you your score and a breakdown by the various test topics.


Ah ok. Thank you.

Passed on Friday, May, 11. Exam is quite difficult, bunch of questions related to IAM & KMS, a lot of them overlapped (like access control for CMKs and KMS operations). Some important updates on logging and monitoring: you need to know how to copy/move OS and App logs to Cloud Watch, understand how you can implement real-time logs analysis using AWS tools. One more important topic to know: how to copy/move safely encrypted data between AWS regions. General knowledge about security compliance, penetration testing rules, security incident response are also required (but not very detailed or deep).

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