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Security Specialty Results Are In: Now 9/9!

I didn’t take the first beta, so I don’t know what it was like:  The one I took back in February was difficult, but seemed – relevant and appropriate.  I’m certainly pleased with my results, and I guess my only question is:

When will the A Cloud Guru certificate processor be upgraded to handle the new cert?  Right now, it just goes into an endless "does not compute" loop 🙂

Thanks for all the help provided by this course:  While it’s been a couple of months now since I sat the exam — my one #ProTip would be to know JSON policies inside out, forward and backward – and what happens when combined (IAM policy with a bucket policy, cross-account access policies, etc, etc).

Uhmm…. NOW what?? 😀


Maybe get another product agnostic security cert? I’m a fan of all the certs and classes from SANs. After taking the course – you could see what works and does not work in the cloud




There are a bunch of Azure and GCP certs to be had … =)



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