Certified Security - Specialty

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Security Specialty Practice Questions

Why aren’t there any Security Specialty Practice Questions apart of the course?

Marty Chong

It would be a nice feature, hopefully when they refresh the material in the new year.

Alec Whitehouse

Yes these are definitely needed for this challenging specialty.

Saud Albazei

I agree.

2 Answers

We are adding these this month, working on it right now!


Whoo hoo! Will there an exam simulator for this specialty exam?

Faye Ellis

Yes I am working on it! Quizzes were added last night and the exam simulator will be ready in about 10 days or so… I am working on the final questions now!

Dan Pefok

Exam Simulator sounds great!!!


Thanks a lot @faye, Do you have an estimate about how many questions will have the exam simulator? Can we assume same difficulty as the AWS Exam?

Foysal Iqbal

waiting for it 🙂

Faye Ellis

I am trying to make the questions as difficult and challenging as the exam


Top stuff Faye, You have certainly turned this course from just ok to a high quality resource

JJ McMahon

Can’t wait for this… hoping to take the test in the coming months

Hi All, in case you hadn’t seen, the end of chapter quizzes have been added!

Senaka Elladeniya

Thanks Faye.

Chris Dufty


JJ McMahon

Thank You!


This is huge. THank you for the quizzes. I like how the questions and answers ‘rotate’ as well.

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