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Security Exam – Vault Lock reset

Took (and passed) my exam today.  One thing about vault lock that wasn’t in the course that was directly asked in my exam was the proper command sequence for updating a vault lock policy that failed validation in the first 24 hours.  Recommend you understand the sequence and use of InitiateVaultLock, AbortVaultLock and CompleteVaultLock.  

I’d upvote a revision of the video for the course…won’t take but an extra 30 seconds.

My question was about the command sequence to use around your policy update and there was a right, and very nearly right answer.  Had I spent a minute on the CLI commands, it would have been an easy win.  Without having looked at these, I was faced with two possible options to my questions and I chose poorly.  Fairly unsatisfying to lose the points on an easy bit of content on a feature I knew conceptually very well.

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Firstly, congrats on passing your course! That’s a great outcome. Specialty exams aren’t easy by any means, so be proud of your accomplishment, just as we are for helping you achieve it!

On your feedback, thanks for letting us know. We’re always keen to find out more about what people have experienced on the exam, so we can ensure our content aligns with it to deliver the best experiences for our students. There are some things in full levels of detail we don’t cover explicitly in our courses, and self-study is definitely needed to ensure the absolute best outcomes, but we’ll take a closer look at this and see where it fits in with the content and how we might improve it.

Best of luck with whatever comes next in your cloud journey!

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