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Security Exam before the SAA

I know you mention the Security Specialism is meant for those who have passed an associate exam. I’m half way through the Associate Solutions Architect and it will take me a good month to get to exam standard I suspect. How difficult would it be to do the security course then the exam before passing the Associate exam? (I know it depends, but I have SOME security background, although not hands on technical) ….Any thoughts?

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As I remember …. For speciality exams (like for Professional) Associate Level Exam is a Prerequisite to make booking. Not sure whether Cloud Practitioner is OK too. But from the practical viewpoint Security Exam is much more difficult than Associate Level exams.

Andriy Skovorodnikov

I have passed Security Exam recently )


Congratulations on passing your security – I hope to follow you shortly – after the the associate SA first by the sound of it!


https://aws.amazon.com/certification/certified-security-specialty/ Examination Prerequisite You must hold either an Associate or Cloud Practitioner certification to take this exam.

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