Certified Security - Specialty

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Resource links are broken in this course – please check!

I can not download/open various resources in the course – any that are via the media.acloud.guru links.

e.g. https://media.acloud.guru/aws-certified-security-specialty/resource/e0bc9c6d-c68b-f082-0a44-5591e5b041cc_77610d53-ad7f-011d-c869-63a52e56cce2/aws-certified-security-specialty-8a3542f4-7f2b-4bde-8473-33f6facf2402.txt

With this I get the error "Access Denied" in an XML page

This one is in the "KMS Grants" module, but there are  others like this throughout the course – again any of the resources you are hosting.

1 Answers

Hi, just following this up as this was fixed by our Dev’s a few weeks ago, but if you’re experiencing any issues please log a support case as that’s the best way to get a quick response! https://help.acloud.guru/hc/en-us/requests/new?



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